Throw Away Your Television: A Group Show of Abstract Painting

11 March - 15 April 2023

With works by:

Rachel von Morgenstern

Carolin Trunk

Selma van Panhuis

and Hannes Heinrich

The group show is all about contemporary abstract painting and features four artists of its latest generation: Rachel von Morgenstern, Carolin Trunk, Selma van Panhuis, and Hannes Heinrich


Each one of them chose abstraction as their preferred mode of expression and work; together these artists form a diverse group with individually characteristic styles, questions, and concerns.


The show follows the question which forms abstract and non-representational painting take today and sets out to explore which questions and interests guide emerging painters in this field today. It aims to be both a challenging presentation to habitual ways of looking at images as well as an invitation to enter into the visual field of abstract painting.   

Installation Views