Spinnereistraße 7, Halle 20D, 04179 Leipzig, Germany



Galerie Philipp Anders is a contemporary art gallery based in Leipzig and situated in the Spinnerei district, which is an internationally recognized hub for contemporary art with a vivid art and gallery scene.


The gallery represents and works together with local and international  artists from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and practices. It seeks to represent diverse, very contemporary approaches, questions and stories in its program. All artists share a dedication to a thoughtful, defined and refined practice.  We see contemporary art and the experience of this art as a profound and intricate medium which has the ability  to open up new perspectives whether in the realm of the private and individual ways of seeing the world or by contributing to wider discourses,  both of formal/aesthetic or social and cultural concerns.  




Gallery Hours

The gallery is open Wednesday - Friday from 1  - 6 pm 

and Saturdays from 11 am - 6 pm. 


Appointments outside the general opening hours 

can be scheduled here: mail@philippanders.com



Gallery director: Philipp Anders 
Gallery assistant: Laura Heimberg



M mail@philippanders.com
T +49 178 727 6156