Claudia Piepenbrock b. 1990

Claudia Piepenbrock's installations and objects manage to make places explorable in a completely different way through constantly reimagined relationships between body and space. Atmospheres of space are transformed radically through the use of light, color, sound and a wide variety of materials. New perspectives are created. 


In her works, Piepenbrock plays with the ambiguity of negative and positive space and their inherent characteristics, such as lightness and heaviness, stillness and movement or dependence and autonomy. Through their processing, materials used are alienated from common knowledge and perception so that a sculpture made of papier-mâché suddenly seems to have the weight and haptics of stone.

The constant creation of  new perspectives and associations allows a diverse and impressive experience of the artworks. Characteristically  the role of humans as viewers is irreplaceable in the conception of the works. Piepenbrock's installations and sculptures not only invite us to look at them, but also to walk around them, climb on them, touch them. It is the presence of the human being and his or her interaction with the piece that completes the artist's works, which range in their versatility from installations made of paper and foamed material to monumental metal constructions.