David Borgmann: KASKADEN

28 October - 9 December 2023

We are pleased to announce the new exhibition of the artist David Borgmann. Under the title » KASKADEN « the Leipzig based painter, presents new works in which he sensitively continues his examination of the genre of landscape painting on the one hand while addressing the richness in the tension between representation and abstraction, illusionism and autonomous structural forms on the other.


From his very own painting technique, Borgmann develops pictures with structural and surface formations that sometimes offer us concrete points of orientation in the pictorial space, sometimes lead us into spatial situations that challenge our Western idea of landscape representation, or even, by depriving us of a fixed point of view, deliberately withdraw accessibility at first and in this way encourage us to look carefully. 


The results are elegant pictorial works in David Borgmann's unmistakable aesthetic, which understand the landscape painting as a painterly space of possibility and thereby stimulate us to reflect on cultural and individual expectations of pictorial works, or the quick circumstantial recognition of them, while looking at them.

Installation Views