Johannes Listewnik DE, b. 1988

Leipzig based artist Johannes Listewnik works in a variety of materials and processes, creating  pictorial artworks made by ink, acrylic and various techniques from scanning and printing to sewing fragments together and casting pictorial bodies in epoxy resin.


Many of Listewnik's pictures resemble and / or contain writing or calligraphy, a characteristic that points to  the significant influences of literature and literary writing in his work. Drawing on an extensive diary practice as well as a wide, culturally informed curiosity his works transfer reflection processes into visual language. This way, he gives space to his own thinking in painted and diversely crafted images.


Starting from an object of investigation - be it floral still lifes or other forms of everyday and working poetics - he develops pictures with a pronounced dwelling character, which can be read as information containers for reflections on the object itself, on its art-historical contexts and on its present reproductions in painting. A graphic imagery, handwritten as well as painterly interventions, printing and reproduction techniques, and the embedding of foreign sources take on various roles, whose interpretation and reading by the viewer result in an open and fascinating interplay.